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[IP] OH to whine....!

Hello all,
	As I sit here reading your e-mails about "high bg's"  I just have to
laugh... not at anything humorous, but rather, something pathetic.  I
read your e-mails "venting" about blood sugars readings in the high
100's to the low-to-mid 200's, and I have to laugh...  Caitlyn's average
blood sugar is in the mid 200's!  She swings from 60-450 on a fairly
regular basis, but the average seems to be in the mid 200's.  I would
kill (not really) to have her be 186!  How sad is it that you all vent
about something I cannot seem to achieve!  Oh to have an insulin pump! 
Maybe someday soon, I will be able to "vent" about those darn 186's!
;-)  How sad and ironic this seems!  Sorry, I too just needed to
"vent".  WE WANT A PUMP!

Carrie (mother of Caitlyn, dx'd @ 20 months, almost 5 Y.O.)
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