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[IP] insulin-holics

ruth writes:
<< are the people who are having such great results  (below 7.0)  
<< having some severe lows or are you pretty much in a normal 
<< range most of the time?

and Jean wrote:
>  The CDE I see said she doesn't like to see people too far 
> below 7.0 because  it can mean a lot of lows, like you indicated.

My doctor thinks anyone who shoots for under 7.0 is an insulin-oholic, and I 
tend to agree.  I would rather live my life at 7.2 and not have to chase lows 
on a daily basis, which just make me get fat!  And since the DCCT particpants 
averaged, what, 7.3? I don't see any reasonable point for aiming for 6.5 
unless I want to impress someone else...which I obviously DON'T

Sara who likes being 6.9 - 7.3 
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