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[IP] Caitlyn's last A1c count?

CARRIE wrote:

>  for all of you.  Caitlyn's last count (on Friday) was 8.8 and she was
>  7.8 back in July.  I was concerned about the increase, but the diabetes
>  educator said that was close enough for a child (she said a child
>  Caitlyn's age should be between 7.5-8.5  Does anyone feel that seems a
>  little wierd.  

NO it is not weird - sounds dead right to me - You want to avoid lows at all 
costs, especially with a child, who has growing brain cells that can be 
destroyed by lows.  The higher A1C may signify that she is having fewer lows 
which is a GOOD thing.  Don't worry that the stupid A1C number is 
higher...how are her day to day blood sugars?  That is what is important.

I don't think the target range for a kid is the typical 80-120...A growing 
child does NOT need to be that low.  Also, keeping the target range slightly 
higher than 80-120 means the kid may retain hypo symptoms...and since kids 
can change so quick...the extra warning time may be handy


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