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[IP] using diabetes WAS First vacation since dx'ed

someone wrote a LONG time ago (I am way behind...):
> Disney will let you skip the lines if you have a diabetic child 
> with you....

If the child is on a pump, then it is my opinion that this is a whiney cop 
out and is definitely a case of using diabetes as an excuse.  If you don't 
want to be treated "different" don't ask for special favors!  

There is no reason why we can't wait in the hot sun or pouring rain just like 
everyone else!!  We don't have to eat anytime special, our insulin will not 
cook if it is in the hot sun for 8 hours.  I would hate for people to look at 
me if I cut to the front and them think - gee - she LOOKS ok, wonder what is 
wrong with her...oh hte poor little diabetic....wah wah wah....Personally, 
while I love it when the lines are minimal, I prefer to let the people who 
NEED to cut in line, cuz they are in a wheel chair or whatever, do 
it...Diabetes doens't make me special...it just makes me 
diabetic...Personally, I see no reason for anyone on MDI to have to cut 
either...they can check their bg, pop dex tabs and take an inobtrusive 
novopen injection if they need to!!!

Just treat me like everyone else...I have my dex tabs and some pb crackers in 
my bag in case I crash, and my pump if I mis calculated for the cotton candy 
I ate an hour ago...

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