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[IP] months and months of getting it "right"

> << It took me from January to Memorial Day to get my bolus rate
>  right on the pump, and only then from reading "Pumping Insulin".
>   >>
> I, like many, was not ready for the long months it took to get basals and
> boluses correct

and ya know...this halloween thing has me in a tizzy.
I just keep thinking I should flush it all down the toilet.

today...I give geneva 2 mini candy bars in her lunch.  normally she is on a
0.2 basal from 11 am until school gets out at 3.

she came home and I look at her meter and see 186 at lunch.  not tooooo
bad...have seen this before.  she gives herself a correction to bring
herself down to 106.   usually at 3 pm, when she comes home from school she
is right around 100-110.  NOT!    she is 182!!  I am very frustrated.  I can
assume that all of this chocolate, fat, sugar, etc is causing this ...or it
is a fluke.  but if this continues each day, until the candy runs out...I
just don't want to deal with it.  am I going to have to set temp basal for
the whole day at school now,  just to accommodate her lust for halloween

just venting.  we are going through a bad week of highs.  (remember last
week's ketones episode?)    last night she was high at 2 am and I wonder if
it is the chocolate.


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