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[IP] optimal and dregs:halloween candy

Ruth and other pump parents.

As for halloween we too, saw a day of wonderful levels.  Michelle's 
ranges all day were between 4.8 - 7.2 ( the U.S. conversion it was 
between 81 -120) Really a great day.  Today has been great too.  
She woke at 5.1 (91) had breakfast, snack at 10:00 was a big 
chocolate bar, at 12:00 she was 6.6 (118)  

As to having giving her freedom, I made a deal with her that she 
can eat her candy after here meals and some for snacks. But I 
asked her to avoid pigging out after 8:00 at night.  That way if she 
boluses wrong we can correct it.
	With Michelle being 11 years old, she has to learn to control 
her own eating.  It is amazing as she really is not pigging out.  So 
far, she has only had 1 chocolate bar and a bag of chips.  

This sure beats last Halloween on needles.  

Plus the one thing about candy is that it goes into the blood 
stream fast and is out fast. I just joke to her > put candy in mouth, 
press those buttons.  It works for us.

Gaye (Michelle 11 yr, dx oct/98, pumping July/99)  

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