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[IP] Re: Palm Pilot Software

I've been using GlucoPilot on my Palm Pilot (available from www.zdnet.com,
among others).  It's great for recording data--glucose tests, insulin,
carbs, notes, etc.  However, it's terrible for doing anything with the
data.   GlucoPilot does do some basic graphing & reporting, but the export
function is very crude--you export the data to the memo pad in comma/quote
delimited format.  Then, after you do a sync, you can cut & paste the data
out of the the Palm desktop and into a text file which you can export into
some sort of speadsheet, or whatever you have.  I use it all the time to do
my record keeping--it's far better than paper, in my opinion.  I'm working
something in Microsoft Access to print reports & do some graphing, but
don't know when I'll get "there".

  Another possibility is to write a program to put the data into the One
Touch software format & then importing it into the One Touch database.
That would resolve the graphing/reporting problem.  The AccuCheck
Accutility does not have an import function.

The same company that writes GlucoPilot also has a beta version of another
Palm Pilot program, but I like GlucoPilot better.

IDDM 30 years, Pumping 4
Barry "Bear"  W. Finch
Atlanta, GA, USA
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