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[IP] pump vs MDI

I agree with all those statements about the pump and better control,
etc.  I'm just here to tell you that your hubby might still not get a
good night's sleep.  I get up at a minimum at 3 am to test.  I am sure a
great majority of other pumpers do the same thing.  At 3 am there's no
more food to think about, there are no more working boluses.  It's a
great time to get "straightened out" if necessary.  then I am assured of
starting the day at my goal (which is 100 give or take either way) and
when I start the day out properly, my whole day is good.  I manage to go
right back to sleep after that.  It's a habit I'm in now and it works
well for me.  Good luck.  Get a doctor who is favor of the pump so you
can get one.  It's a terrific little toy.

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