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Re: [IP] BD Mini Pen

I have a BD Mini Pen. I got it when I was back to pumping Velosulin - I 
thought the 1/2 unit increments would be great.

The first pen I received leaked at the end where the needle attached. It 
seemed like the cartridge never fit real tight, and when you released the 
piston mechanism, you could see insulin leak into the neck of the pen. The 
replacement unit does not do this, seems to work o.k.

It's the only pen I ever owned. The only reason I chose it was for the 1/2 
unit increments. However, I would have been just as well off / better off 
with a "sturdier" pen that uses 1 unit increments, with a 1 unit minimum. I 
think Owen Mumford makes one, and Novo might have one. The Novo pens are 
not "approved" for "non Novo" insulin cartridges (ala Humalog), as an FYI. 
Many folks use them with no problems, though.

Check around, talk to a bunch of folks. I'm not an experienced pen person, 
but if I had it to do again, I'd choose a different brand and not worry 
about the 1/2 unit increments. In the total scheme of things, that would 
not have made much of a difference in my control.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

At 04:29 PM 11/1/99 -0600, Holly wrote:

>  I am curious if anyone uses the BD Mini Pen?   You know during those times
>when the pump isn't working quite right?  We currently use another type of
>pen device, but the 1/2 unit increments would be great.  I am getting
>feedback before buying.

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