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Re: [IP] Re: Freedom with shots

Melissa -

First of all, after 35 years on shots, and watching my watch every minute,
and then switching to the pump in January this year, DON"T BELIEVE IT!  Not

For example, on MDI, I HAD - had! to go eat lunch at 10:30 AM.  Lunch.
Today, I HAD to attend a meeting at 10:30 - the hour the cafeteria opens at
work - and I expected it to run for maybe an hour.  Well, it - the meeting -
ran for 1 hr 45 min's.  By the time I got out of there, I was frantic!  I
had taken a small bag of Fritos to munch if I got low - much to my surprise,
I didn't have any indication of being low (at all!).  OK - so finish the
meeting, run upstairs to drop off my meeting notes - I work in a
"classified" environment, and cannot take anything classified to the
cafeteria.  Ran upstairs and RAN to the cafeteria.  Still NO insulin
reaction, or anything indicating hypo.  OK.  Ate lunch and bolused for the
correct amount.  About one hour later, I bolused for the Fritos, after I was
convinced my BG was goiing up.  Lo and behold, my before dinnertime BG was
133!!!!  Can you believe?  Not possilbe before the pump!  The last time I
saw my endocrinologist, he reminded me - do you remember all the times you
called us (him and my CDE) and said you were going back on MDI!?  I said,
yes, I definately remember that.  And I'm still not sure on this pump-but
the fact that I could wait 1 3/4 hours before eating, was because of this
pump.  I also had to ask my DR., becuase the medical professionals don't
"get it" because they don't live with it!  What they eat, or when they eat
is not controlled by anything!  He has NO idea of the significance of
delaying eating - or my CDE, either.

For me, there was little freedom with shots, altho' I was using them for 35
years.  In my humble opinion - the pump is a significant improvement, but
NOT perfect.  I have threatened to go back to shots, because of the
frustration of going on the pump.  I don't like having my BG higher, albeit
closer to normal.  My parents remind me of the difficult adjustment to
shots - what kind of insuliin, and what amount, although I really don't
remember it.  It took me from January to Memorial Day to get my bolus rate
right on the pump, and only then from reading "Pumping Insulin".

I feel for you, and I think I understand@@@@@ !  Good luck!  Jane

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