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[IP] Freedom

Why don't you just stop fooling around with someone who it sounds like
doesn't know anything at all about the pump.  The pump is cutting edge
technology.  It is more effort to be on a pump but any doctor who
encourages the injection method isn't aware of the DCCT and the
complications which come because of the lack of constant supplies of
insulin like the real thing.  My advice is to get another doctor.
You've wasted 1 1/2 years waiting for something which will give you
untold benefits. It sounds like your doctor is more interested in his
fee than in your well being.  Where are you located?  Why don't you put
your location on the bulletin board; I am sure someone from your area
will see the notice and give you a recommendation for a doctor who is
interested in you.  Get a life and tell you doctor to get a life too.

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