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[IP] re: leather case, sweet tarts, shots...

hi all--
 Ok, I tried the new leather case on my 507c with the
clip, it was a little more awkward to get in, but once
it was in it had a much tighter and better fit! I
DEFINITELY want one of these cases....it's hard with
the one i have now b/c it's loose and the cover on it
is hard to push buttons through, the new case does not
protrude as much as this one and is of a sort of more
flexible material with no snaps and other things which
make it all better.
 Sweet tarts..thanks for asking Miranda. 5g per roll,
whoever said that thank you. I had a roll earlier and
don't know what i did exactly, but my body is still
weird, I hit 332 and did nothing, and a few minutes
ago i was 75, I'm thinking my basals are not only
extremely screwed up, but my carb ratio is probably
off too due to 2hr pps, but nothing consistent and
I've tried what I know and I no longer feel "safe"
making changes..and haven't found any really worth it,
nor my endo..
 Shots..I didn't get to read this whole post. My last
5 weeks on teh pump...I love the pump and the freedom,
but I am suffering. My control is crazy and we don't
know why, I can't get thigns under control, my eyes
are changing and I can feel it, and I can never
concentrate. I wanted a week on shots last week but
that probably wouldn't figure out whatever the hech is
going on with my body now. I just deal with it I guess
but I hate Knowing what these numbers are doing to me
and being able to feel it, yet not being able to find
or solve the problem.
 MM sent replacement micros today...now I'm using a
sil in my butt (sorry). Had a micro in stomach, 2 days
old changed it wednesday. then one yesterday (Sunday)
and it hurt too mucha nd wouldn't stop itching... go
figure...(but compared to how I feel overall and how
my diabetes is so out of control, pain in infusion
sets isn't such a huge deal...)
 D 10.5 yrs, pump 4.?? months

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