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Re: [IP] we're on the pump

At 12:51 PM 11/1/1999  Bill Pickelsimer wrote:
>Nancy started the MM 507C last Friday.  Quite an eventful weekend.  Nancy
>likes to wear jeans on the weekends...has anyone heard of the clothing
>waistband constricting the flow of insulin through the tubing??...not enough
>to cause the MM to alarm, but minimal restricted flow to cause anomalies in
>BG readings due to insufficient insulin.  I guess we'll be more conscious of
>the insertion site.

I've had no delivery alarms when the tubing got too constricted... but 
that's been very rare. However, when first starting the pump you will 
normally get a lot of variations until things settle down. It takes awhile 
to get all the long-acting insulin out of your system. Also, your basals 
haven't been set up correctly yet... that can take a number of weeks (or 
months) to fine tune.

In the process you may learn things that you didn't realize before. I 
learned that I had the dawn effect and needed a higher basal rate after 3am 
and that I had some insulin resistance in the morning. In the afternoon I 
needed a much lower basal rate. It's pretty typical to have 2 - 4 different 
basal rates. But, this is the type of thing that you learn from experience. 
You may also discover that you need less insulin while pumping than you did 
while on MDI.

Welcome to the world of pumping.


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