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re: [IP] optimal and dregs: halloween candy!

Alex's bgs were extremely stable over halloween too!  We suspended his
pump because he and his friends were racing each other to each house.
The goal of the night to "get" the most candy.  We tested after an hour
and his bgl was 85, he ate some candy and bolused, then off they went
again at full speed.  Stopped at a friends house at the end his bg was
148, ate lots more candy and kept bolusing(of course we had our
halloween carb count sheet with us), tested at midnight was 170, 8am was
85, what a great night!  As for the 10+ lbs of candy, we keep it in the
extra fridge in the garage, and have some on occasion(of course his
father and i sneak some at night), just like i let his little brother
do.  After about a month we throw out what is left(all the bad candy
they don't really like anyway) except the sweettarts we keep them handy
for lows.

mother of Alex(10), dx 11/94, pump 8/99

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