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Re: [IP] school parties /someone to listen

ruth-- I am cringing for you here . . . :)  Another thing like this is when 
people remember that you might want to eat differently, but somehow get 
mixed up.  i.e. my aunt always tries to have special things for me, often 
they end up having tons more carbs because she went through great lengths 
not to use granulated sugar and decides that honey and all this other stuff 
would be better.  So far I'm on my sixth attempt to get her to stop doing 
this :)  I agree that things like this will be a problem until people become 
more aware, unfortunately the vast majority of people don't have a reason to 
become aware.  Those moms just don't need to be concerned with how many 
carbs.  Which is why we should all have a big nation-wide IP party with lots 
of food and carb counts on everything :)  Anyone want to ask Minimed and 
Disetronic for support for that?? LOL.  --Gianna

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