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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advisory committee

I thought I would post
>here if anyone had any suggestions on things hospitals can do to make
>things better for those with D and new diagnosis.

   When I was in the hospital being dx'd, the thing that stands out most in 
my mind is the fact that there was no regard for how you might be feeling 
mentally.  I realize that first priority was to stabilize physically, 
however they could have taken into consideration that I was not in DKA and 
spared a minute to tell me what was actually going on.  As it was, they told 
us to come to the hospital, pack clothes for three days, took some blood 
tests, and left us there for a LONG TIME.  granted this is a hospital and 
things are crazy, but even when the doctor came in to talk to us, she said 
absolutely nothing of comfort.  And I really could have used some.  I guess 
my point is that patients need to be looked at as whole people not just a 
body with parts that aren't working.  --Gianna

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