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[IP] optimal and dregs: halloween candy!

out of curiosity, curtis...and I am asking the other parents of pumpers here
how are you dealing with the candy?  putting  it in a huge bowl and letting
them eat a few pieces a day?  monitoring it?
how much will you let them actually keep out of the "10 lbs" ?

both my kids got about 10 lbs. total also.  such excess.  they said that
people were giving them handfuls of candy because it was the end of the
night and they had bought too much.  terrific.  and what is it they say
about americans and obesity!!!???

oh well...I wish I could say the same about geneva's numbers.  I think she
ate more than she bolused for.  also, I got worried that she might go low
while out walking around and so set a temp basal at 0.1 unit LESS than
normal.  bad move on my part.

> By the way, we should have Halloween everyday.  Her numbers were more
> last night than I HAVE EVER SEEN THEM ON THE PUMP!  I think we got about
> 10lbs of junk.  She and her sister will sort it for the most desirable and
> will send the dregs to cousins in less optimal 'trick or treat' locals.

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