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Re: [IP] Sweet Tart Carbs; glucose source wish-list

If Miranda was referring to the small celo-wrapped rolls, they contain 5
grams of carbohydrate (CHO) each.

Incidentally, I've been using SweeTarts for some time as a cheap source of
glucose (not to mention highly palatable), but there is one thing that
annoys me about them: They're hard to chew up fast!

Smarties (6 grams CHO per celo-roll) are MUCH easier to chew up quickly (and
still taste reasonably OK, but not as good as SweeTarts).  Their downfall
(for me) is that the celophane rolls fall apart in my pocket!  SweeTarts are
wrapped tighter and don't seem to unroll as easily.

So, combine the flavor and celo-wrapping of SweeTarts with the chewable
consistency of Smarties, and you have the ultimate emergency glucose source!
Any manufacturers up to this challenge??  ;-)

> -----Original Message-----
> Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 08:59:53 -0800
> From: CARRIE VARGAS <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Sweet Tart Carbs, attn Amy
> Sweet Tarts 7 1/2 oz 13grams of carb
> Miranda Miller wrote:
> > 
> > Anyone know how many carbs in a little roll of sweet tarts? 
>  I seem to
> > have misplaced my carb counting book!!
> > 
> > Miranda
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