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Re: [IP] MM508 & Daylight Savings Time - what's the deal?

At 09:18 AM 11/1/1999  Oliver, Dan wrote:
>So, can any of you 508 users fill us in on what's the real deal with the 508
>and Daylight Savings Time?  Some of the postings seem to indicate that the
>508 has a software error, apparently when trying to automatically adjust for
>Also, if the 508 DOES (try to) automatically adjust for DST, this must mean
>that it knows what timezone you're in, right?  Because some timezones don't
>observe DST at all (like the one I'm in - Arizona).
>As a programmer, it would gall me if MM programmers were boneheaded enough
>to try to program in fully-automatic timezone support.  There are over a
>hundred different timezones throughout the world, and some of them follow
>_really_ bizarre rules.

Even Window$ 9x gives you the option as to whether to use auto-time changes 
or not... you can also enter the time zone that you are in. I wonder if the 
508 has that capability or not. In the pump set-up it ought to be an option 
that can be turned on or off.


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