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[IP] interesting E.R. experience

Saturday I had to go to the E.R. after getting a pretty bad cut on my hand
from a glass that broke while I was washing it. As I was registering with the
triage nurse, she asked about meds I might be taking. I proceeded to explain I
was on an insulin pump and at the moment due to the stress of being cut, I
couldn't recall my basals, when she simultaneously said she was on a pump also
and reached for my pump and unclipped it from my pants and looked up my basals
herself! Well I was so surprised, since I had never met another pumper face to
face til then! She said she had been pumping 2 years and she was also about to
begin seeing the same Endo as me, because she was wanting to get pregnant. I
wish I had met her under different circumstances as there were so many
questions I would really have liked to ask her! Then after I was taken to a
room for treatment an upsetting thing happened.The nurse was cleaning my cut
without wearing any gloves! I didnt notice this til my husband asked her about
it. She said she wasn't really worried, but after I was stitched up and calmed
down I started to feel worried. I thought it was required protocol to wear
gloves in this situation. Am I wrong? She I call the hospital about my
Thanks for any info. Denise 

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