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Re: [IP] Minimed Daylight Savings problem

At 08:46 AM 11/1/1999  Melissa Davis wrote:
>Did this problem happen with ONLY the 508?  HOw did the 507 and 507C
>handle the time change??  I'm hoping to get a 508 but 40 minutes on the
>phone in the middle of the night will change my mind in a hurry!

The 507 MM changes time the old fashioned way... you go into setup and 
change it manually. Not a big deal... just one more clock to change twice a 
year. :-)

Changing automatically is a nice feature, however it looks like they didn't 
implement it correctly in the new 508 pumps. Hopefully, they documented 
this "feature" in the 508 manual... can a 508 owner look for this and 
report back to the list??  They need to fix these pumps so that they don't 
go crazy if you accidentally change the time manually. Any word from MM as 
to what they are doing to address this issue???


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