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RE: [IP] school parties & my personal turmoil!

Referring to the conference.....

This is the same thing that happens to kids in school.  People rush to
accommodate the deaf and wheelchair bound, which is great, but fail to
understand that diabetics could benefit from the same interest.  Now on the
great scale of the "10,000 things" , all that I am interested in is lack of
active discrimination.  On one hand, how can we (I) get so out of joint
about school officials when a disabilities conference doesn't even take
diabetes into account?  I guess what gets me, is that there is generally
resistance even when discrimination is exposed to school.  Oh, well, they
are behaving for now.

As for school parties, I agree with that neighbor guy, this is life and the
sooner that my kid gets accustomed to fending for themselves at social
functions the better.  We don't ask for special treats.  If we can't
estimate the carbs she does without or saves it for later.  Friday's
Halloween party was excessive in quantity.  She ate the one that would melt
and held the others till later.

By the way, we should have Halloween everyday.  Her numbers were more stable
last night than I HAVE EVER SEEN THEM ON THE PUMP!  I think we got about
10lbs of junk.  She and her sister will sort it for the most desirable and
will send the dregs to cousins in less optimal 'trick or treat' locals.

Curtis Lomax

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