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[IP] The Dawn Phenomenon - slaying the beast

The Dawn Phenomenon (BG rise during pre-dawn hours) is a royal pain, isn't
it?  I've been battling it for quite some time now, and just recently got it
more-or-less under control.

Here's my saga in case anyone is interested:

I pump Humalog, and run a basal rate throughout the daytime hours of 0.5U/h.
If I go any higher than that, I crash and burn.  My morning BG starts to
slowly climb around 3AM (classic Dawn Phenomenon), but I had a *heck* of a
time getting it under control.

I tinkered for a long time with increasing my basal rate at 3AM to 0.7U/h (a
40% increase), but it didn't work.  In fact, I had ketones in the morning
and high BG just as before, and often felt like I'd crashed during the
night.  This led me to believe that 0.7U/h was just too high, so I played
around with 0.6U/h, then 0.4U/h, then back to 0.5U/h, all with no obvious

Well, I finally decided to take the plunge and make some serious (but
gradual)increases, and here is what now seems to work for me:
0.5U/email @ redacted, 0.7U/email @ redacted, 0.8U/email @ redacted, 1.0U/email @ redacted(!), 0.5U/email @ redacted  This
is a HUGE increase over my normal 0.5U/h basal rate, in fact it is a 100%
increase between 7AM and 11AM!

The fact that these huge basal increases work (without horrible crashes)
still amazes me.  Does anyone else have to increase their basals to such an
extent to deal with D-P?

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