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[IP] pump vs MDI

This is in response to V3#609.
MDI is the pits. I am not yet on the pump but I come here daily to learn 
more and to gear myself up for this big positive change in my life. I know 
that the pump will work well for me. In the past 10 days, nine nights I have 
had lows, 3 with convulsions, and continuing to drop nighttime insulin shot. 
I have had lows and highs throughout the days as well. This is NOT fun. I am 
trying very hard to balance everything out. I have a somewhat normal 
schedule (what is normal with 5 kids?) and no matter how hard I try I just 
cannot get consistent bg readings. I test at least 6 times a day and count 
carbs and record it all. I do have the odd day where things balance out but 
they are few and far between. I know that on the pump my control will be 
better and I will have less lows. I have 7 reasons for wanting the pump: 5 
kids, one wonderful hubby and me! I want to be around to enjoy life with 
them. My HbA1C is 6.4, looks good but I think the results of lots of lows. I 
want to hang on to as many brain cells as I can!! IWANTAPUMP!! I hope and 
pray that it works out and that I do not have to wait too long. I need the 
freedom and flexibility and above all, I need a better quality of life than 
the MDIs are giving me. And my Hubby needs a good nights sleep!!!!!...Thanks 
for listening!....Carolyn

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