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Re: [IP] protective cap and MM pump

> Are you talking about the little soft "stopper"?  I use mine all the
> time....but in the end of the tubing that comes from the pump.  The end of
> her set is similar to the top of an insulin bottle....nothing can get in
> unless you stick something in it .

so the tubing end that goes directly to the PUMP can get dirt inside?
geneva just tosses it in her purse/bag and we don't even think about dirt.
jees...aren't we dumb?

the little plastic container that comes with a new infusion set box  (along
with the blue plastic clip for the old kind of tubing)...has a 1.0 ML
marking on the side of it.

could this be used for extra insulin BESIDES a storage place for the soft
plastic cap?  it is a tiny little plastic thing.  about and inch long.  with
a screw cap.  I never noticed it until yesterday.  it could conceivably hold
some humalog for emergencies.  without carrying around a glass vial.


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