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Re: [IP] Magnets lowering blood sugars???

Theresa, if you tell me who your fiend is, I've got bridge in Brooklyn I'd
like to sell her.
It won't cure diabetes either, but if her son walks back and forth over it
3 times a day, he'll at least be able to take the magnets out of his shoes.
He'll also be able to lunch with Sara on the Manhattan side, and that's a
fantasy that most of us only dream about.   I guess you really can fool
some of the people all of the time.
P.S. Never heard of Tahitian Noti Juice, but it sounds too high in carbs.
One naughty noti will turn one into a nattering nabob of negativism, in
addition to raising BG a nautical mile :-)

<<<<<<Just yesterday I had a friend with a son who is diabetic rant & rave
how since her son has been using magnets inserts in his shoes,  his numbers
have been lower and very stable.  She is sending me the info......she has
become a sales rep for this company.....and is insistent that I buy them!!
Almost making me feel like a bad Mom for not wanting to!!    They are very
expensive she said (but would not tell me how much!!!) but swears that they
work!!        I,  obviously,  am not sold on the idea!!  Have any of you had
experience with wearing magnets or heard of others that have had success??
Is this just another scam like Tahitian Noti Juice??
Thanks, in advance, for the advice!!!

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