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Re: [IP] re: french help

 email @ redacted
 and that, you nosey people <g>...is french for hi david. i speak a little
 french.  i don't  know any people with diabetes around the age of 16 who
 french, but if your sister wants to talk to me, I will try.  I am 35 and have
 had diabetes since 1974 (age 10).   I use the MM 507 and before that the 506
 since 1993.  Do you live in France or Canada...if you want, write me
 Sara...who should be at the gym!!!  workouts are down to $13.73

YES Sara - I was one of those nosy people!  But I am impressed none the less -
you are a woman of many many many talents!   <grin>   I can barely count to
ten in Spanish - uno, dos, trace, quatro, sinko (oops forgot the rest!) 
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