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[IP] bg spikes/2 infusion sets

I am wondering about the idea of leaving a set in for a few hours after
hanging so the insulin doesn't "leak out" and prevent spikes.  That sounds
implausible to me; the insulin absorbs into tissue fairly quickly and in
any case, you aren't removing sets right after bolusing are you?  The
leakage from basal should be <= 0.1 units, if anything, not enough to
cause a bg spike.

Perhaps the people who are having these spikes are not compensating for
the "second prime" that many, or all, infusion sets require upon
insertion?  My silhouettes take about 2 units to fill the cannula space
where the needle was, before my body gets any insulin.  

Let me know what you think


Miranda Miller
University of Michigan

I am a writer who came from a sheltered life. A sheltered life can be daring as 
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