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No Subject

Hi everyone!

I've been reading some old posts and it seems like people can leave their
infusion sets in for a really long time.  I get big red lumps and high bs
if i leave it in for more than 2 or 3 days (I use the sofset and am on
humalog). Any suggestions?

Also, Sara, let me know if New Yorkers get together!

It's great to be on this list and hearing from people who are actually
psyched to take care of their sugars (especially since I'm just barely
emerging from a year-long "diabetes denial" phase ...) Now that I want to,
I just need to relearn how to take care of myself.  

who is overjoyed that she gets about five emails an hour now and can take
so many breaks from writing her philosophy paper that's due tomorrow ...
even doing a sugar test is like a mini-break!
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