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[IP] Re: rafting

Ellen wrote:

>  Buddy,  I don't care which pump Aaron gets, but I have found that wearing 
> the pump for rafting and canoeing has been beneficial.  Yes, I get plenty of
>  exercise, but twice I have found myself stuck for extra hours.  SNIP
>  held up for about 12 hours.  I was very glad I had my pump attached.  I see
>  nothing wrong with disconnecting, but I have personally found that
>  connected has been beneficial.  ellen  

I wore my 507 the entire time i rafted down the Lehigh river in September 10
am until about 545pm.  I tested before we got in the water...bolused
conservatively, then wrapped the whole thing in a baggie and tucked it in my
shorts.  My meter was in a water tight container and I left it there.  I was
jettisoned once...and the first thought in my head was not about my pump - I
was gonna die for crysakes - who cares about the pump!!!  Once I was hauled
back in and had recovered my senses enough to realize I had not, in fact,
died, I pulled my little buddy (<g>) out of my shorts to make sure it was
still dry, and to make sure it was still attached to my skin...

At lunch time, i checked again...bolused conservatively for my lunch...and
didnt check again til the end of the day - I am confident about my basal
rates,a nd knew I had bolused on the low side for lunch so i was not afraid of
a crash (in blood sugar that is...crashing into a rock was a different
thing)...at the end of hte day, I was alittle high, but not too bad...and I
had a great day a nd didnt have to worry about the pump - JUST LIKE A NORMAL

and just in case you care...everyone in the boat was totally cook about the
testing, the pump and were actually INTERESTED int watching and seeing what
was up - but then they were all University of Colorado alumni, so I guess that
tells ya something...even if our football team bites big weenies!!!

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