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[IP] re: french help

Bonjour David et Laura...je parle francais en peu...je ne connais pas des
autres jeunes gens (vers 16 ans) avec diabetes qui parles francais, mais si ta
soeur voudrait parler avec moi, j'essayerai!  J'ai 35 ans, et je suis
diabetique depuis 1974 (10 ans).  J'employe le Minimed 507, et avant le 506
depuis 1993.

Vous habitez en France ou au Canada???

Si tu veut, ecriver moi "privately"

email @ redacted

and that, you nosey people <g>...is french for hi david. i speak a little
french.  i don't  know any people with diabetes around the age of 16 who speak
french, but if your sister wants to talk to me, I will try.  I am 35 and have
had diabetes since 1974 (age 10).   I use the MM 507 and before that the 506
since 1993.  Do you live in France or Canada...if you want, write me privately

Sara...who should be at the gym!!!  workouts are down to $13.73

Hi, I'm david and my lil sister is 16, diabetic and pumper for 2 months, she
would like to speak with other teens but we are french and her english is
really poor. Do you know any ressource for pumpers in french or do you have
one of your Kids speaking 
ench. Congratulations for you website

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/