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[IP] Exercise

Hi Mary, 

welcoem to the group - I also workout with my pump and am experiemnting with
getting basals right - I have been crashing alot during my workout despite
drastically dropping my basal before the workout...and even suspending if I am
under 150...my doc says to drink juice or gatorade during the workout to keep
my body from using up all the glycagen stores, and it has worked a little
bit...I try not to eat too much before a workout, but if i have to, I wll do
crackers, some fruit, whatever I can grab as i go out the door.  If I am OVER
200 before I start, i only bolus 1/2 my normal high bolus.  If I am 150 - 200
I do not bolus, and if I am under 150, I will suspend and maybe pop a dex tab
or 3...I test throughout the workout, cuz i usually feel great, only to find
out I am 46...I hate having to stop a workout that is going really well for a
low blood sugar that hasnt started to affect me - dammit!

but as they say.....YMMV

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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