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Re: [IP] basal rate question

Hi Laura,
When I got my "D" pump my endo set my rates for .6 I too felt this was "hihg"
so I started at .4 and when I checked realised that I needed to up it..I
and found when my highs were and set that to .5 and when I saw that .5 didn't
work I went to .6, I know it seems a little scarey to think a little
machine is
constanly giving you insulin but it will be ok.
Once my BGs were reading more normal I felt better in about 1 week. It is
amazing how much better I felt. I am having a little problem now since I am on
60 mg pred per day so I am on 1.2 per hour for part of the time and 1.2 for
other basals and that is really helping. I went on the pump a few years back
when on pred (fopr another health problem) and I was Sooooooo sick on the pred
because it made my bgs read 500. 500 was almost like a normal for me so
when my
BGs got close to normal the normals felt like lows so then we had to get me
through that "feeling".
I am excited for you and your new pump! It will all be ok:)
Gin and Mocha (service dog)
email @ redacted

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