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Re: [IP] basal rate question

Aaron, gee you make it sound so simple, I got it now. Some of the stuff I get stumped by seems so simple from someone else. I don't get sick when I pop up in my BG value unless I don't treat it. I have been swinging up and down in my BG since I was dxd
not quite 2 years ago that is why I am going to try the pump. I figure once I get used to being close to normal instead of up and down all day then a 400 reading would make me feel pretty yucky. I get a little upset stomach now, but I have had digestive
problems since birth so I don't think I pay much attention anymore, I just watch my keytone output when I am high.
So far I have not ever been able to take H or R and not eat without going low so fast that I pass out before I can stop it. I will be trying it again on the pump though because I can take fractions of units. Without food I can drop 100 points or more on
a unit of H so I have to eat. I don't like it much since I am rarely hungry, but I guess there could be worse things like trying to roller blade backwards on ice in traffic *S*

Thanks a bunch

Aaron Michelson wrote:

> Laura,
> I'm sorry that you are "sickly as of late". Last week I went from 150 to 80 in 50 minutes. This happened 3  hours after a humalog meal bolus. What I finaly understood was that my basal insulin was too much.
> In your scenario as I understand it, you ate dinner with a BG of ~400. Your BG did not go up after dinner, then it dropped like a rock. I would not eat with a 400 as I would be queezy with a side ache. When the BG dropped I would regain some apetite.
> Now mathematicaly you are taking too much insulin. Think of it this way for instance: you need 1 unit but take 1.3 units. So when you take 3 times you are off by 0.9. But, when you take 7 times you are off by 2.1.
> Aaron

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