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Re: [IP] Opinions was: Disconnecting to raft ect.

> Michael,
> I appreciate that we are all different, but my experience is
> that without insulin, my bg's will rise when I swim.  That
> is all that I try to share; if I reference someone else's
> experience of which I'm aware, then I try to indicate that.  

Hmmmm.... I probably should have qualified my statement a little more. I 
meant a competition workout where Lily swims basically non-stop for an 
hour or more. It's a little different in the summer. She swimms at Tahoe 
where the water temp. is 'brrrrrr' and the energy loss is very high just 
through contact with the water itself. The same goes for the river. We 
don't raft, we tube. Me and the kids are actually in water that is very 
cold and the conduction loss makes here go low even without insulin. When 
she goes to the beach to play and is warmer, whe may actually do an 
injection of regular to cover here for several hours so she doesn't have 
to wear her pump or keep it close by.

Sorry I was not precise enough. I sometime forget that all our friends 
here don't know what goes on every day in our lives - it always seems 
like a big family to me. :-)

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