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[IP] basal rate question

Hi Everyone :0)
I have a question. I received my pump the other day and will be pumping on the
14th. I am a little concerned because my D-team is setting my basal rate at .6u per
hr. I know this works out mathematically with what I am taking now but it seems
like a lot since H peaks fully whereas the Uand L I take peak but not at a near
full value so, I am wondering if others on this list started at this rate and how
they did. This may be a perfectly "normal" starting rate and it just seems high to
me. I already test tons so I will be watching it closely but others insight is

One other little thing does anyone else experience a greater per unit BG drop when
they take a larger then normal shot to compensate for a high. I take 1 unit for
every 22.5 carbs well last night I took my BG before dinner it was way high so I
did the math and took my shot 9 units, now I knew in the past when I take this much
insulin I have trouble with lows so I checked my sugar an hour after dinner and it
was still 390 where I started so I thought cool I should be back around normal in
about an hour, well in 45 minutes I started feeling "funky" and my BG was 38. I
treated it and went low again in an hour and treated that etc...  Now I did not
take anymore or less insulin then at any other time just more cause my bg was so
high but same scale. So I don't know why the volume of insulin would work with a
greater lowering capacity when it is given at the same carb ratio. I only have this
problem when I get above 7 u of H in one shot. If you know why please let me know
Thanks and Take Care
Sickly as of late but happy anyway

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