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Re: [IP] Interesting Article

What a terrible experience.

I tried to claim discrimination once but I couldn't prove they intended to discriminate.
There is a room full of people. They have the people with the highest test results
line up for processing. This line is the only people they will hire and they will only
hire on this one day. Me, being diabetic am given the number of a clinic. I need 
to get medical clearance before I can get in the line. As I think about it now, maybe
if I had gone to the clinic I could have been hired at a later date. But the job was out 
of town and their statements were so strong that if we weren't processed through that 
line on that day then there was no possibility of being hired for the next few years.

But hey instead of that job I have a bachelor and master degree. I'm earning more
money now and I don't have to live in San Francisco and work for the Post Office.

This car insurance company told me, "Your hi rate is the best possible because
of your phisical limitations." Their insurance policy was replaced that day.

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