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Re: [IP] Adhesive remover/Goo Gone

HI Natalie,

I tried the Nailpolish remover but i had to rub too hard to get the adhesive
off and didnt' have a lot of luck with rubbing alcohol either.

The new Goo Gone that we have has a picture of an orange on it and really
doesn't smell bad at all.  Not like a fresh orange by any means but wasn't
offensive at all.  We tried another brand and it smelled worse by far!  So far
the Goo Gone has our vote (and the price isnt bad either!)     

I think you are right they all probably have the same oily solvent in them!
One day I came in and found Logan (my 11 year old son) putting peanut butter
on her stomach to try and remove the gook!  The peanut butter worked fairly
well but it was a HUGE mess and then she smelled like a peanut for the rest of
the day!  <grin>

I cant remember who but someone posted an 800 number to a medical supply
company that we ordered Uni-Solve wipes from.  We decided they would be much
handier to have on hand for when we are traveling.

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