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Re: [IP] Disetronic swivel clip/vest


Are you saying the swivel case is FREE when you order your supplies through
Disetronic?  My order for 3 months easily would exceed 250.00 dollars.  

I have not worn it but when I saw my daughter try it on a month or so ago I
thought it looked bulky BUT it may be a comparison issue as she is tiny.
Makes sense what you said about the clip rubbing as I thought to myself that
it was even more bulky than the clip I use for my pager and even that is an
irritant.  Most of the time Laura puts the pump into her jeans or in a pocket
that my mom has sewn into her clothes and no one knows the difference except
when the tubing dangles out.

Also my mom made laura a cute little crop top to sleep in (worn under her
pj's)  It has a pocket on both sides at the waist so works fine depnding on
which side of her stomach she has the set in.  In fact, she likes it so well
now that she is starting to wear it under her clothes during the day also.  If
anyone is interested to hear more just email me and I will give you more
details rather than take up space here on the IP List.  I thought it was kind
of a neat design that my mom came up with.  


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