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Re: [IP] Burning at site


>Today I inserted a new infusion set.  A short while later, I was lifting
>my arm and noticed a sharp burning pain in the area where the catheter
>is inserted.  I touched my sofset button and pushed lightly and had an
>excruciatingly sharp pain.  I considered changing the set right away,
>but then decided to watch my BG's and see if there was an absorption
>problem.  That was about 12 hours ago.  I am responding to my boluses
>with adequate BG's, so it seems that the insulin is being absorbed

Yes, I've had this happen too.  It is the primary reason why I stopped
using the sof-sets and switched to the silhouettes.  The pain used to be so
bad that it literally took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.
This happened with about 1/4 of my sets.  I attributed the problem to the
set hitting against muscle.  Since switching to the silhouettes about a
year ago, I haven't had this problem at all.  I think that if you buy the
silhouette combo pack (2 cannulas for every set of tubing) the cost works
out to less than the sof-set QR's.  The sil's don't have an insertion
device but I will gladly perform my own insertion rather than deal with the
pain associated with those sof-sets.  

Of course, I also should state that for some folks, sof-sets work great.
But for many, especially those of us on the "too skinny" side, there are

Mary Jean

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