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[IP] Disetronic swivel clip

Here are my first impressions about the new swivel clip / pump case for the
Disetronic, which I received last Tuesday.

The swivel clip enables the user to wear the pump horizontally or
vertically.  Openings molded into the case allow viewing the screen and
reservoir, and access to the control buttons and batteries.

The clip is similar conceptually to paper clamps and extends slightly (1/2"
or more)above the top of the pump.  I feel the extension just above the
wearer's waistline and the pressure and roughness can be a little

Because the face of the pump is always facing forward it's a little hard to
read the display, so I have to lean forward, tilt or unclip the case to have
a look.

I had been using the soft leather case that holds the pump horizontally and
which when opened flips the pump to face up so I can be view it.  Its belt
clip is below the top of the pump, is very smooth and rounded.  I find it
nearly imperceptible to the user when worn.

The leather case's downside is it ought not be worn into water.

Since the new case is made of only plastic and stainless steel, it would be
ideal for clipping to bathing suit, except for the irritation caused by the

Cost for the case "upgrade": $35.00 USD.  The company is offering it as a
premium gift when customers spend $250 on other pump supplies, I.E.,
cartridges, tubing and infusion sets etc..

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