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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

Heather, my sister didn't show her bald head in public because she didn't
want people to stare.  People's stares didn't make her feel better.  I
don't know, but perhaps it was the same reason she wore a breast prosthetic
on one side when she wore a formal dress.  I don't think that she was
ashamed that she was dying--perhaps more a question of how she felt about
herself.  It's a very tough call here.  People always do stare (not really
dirty looks) at our daughter with CP, and she doesn't have the capability
to know any difference, but we as parents tend to just ignore it.  She
doesn't have any option, but I can be more discrete with my diabetes.  I
really don't agree that people have to understand what we go through every
day.   People need to be educated, but people in a civilized society also
need a certain set of behavior, manners, and common courtesy.   Most often
that's enough.  And I think there is a big difference between the needs of
diabetics and the needs of Randall's big belching and burping friend.

-wm (who is thankful he has just diabetes to live with, and even more
thankful that he has a pump!)

<<<<<<<<<<From: "Heather Bannister" <email @ redacted>
I am not talking about selfishness here.  I am not talking about
bleeding on the table or putting needles next to someone's food.  A
discreet test and injection under the table is hardly against human
dignity.  People have to understand what we go through each day.  If
they are not interested in being educated then they should go back to
the dark ages.
	Btw, why the hell did you sister not show her bald head?  Was she
embarassed, and not wanting to educate?  I know many people who are bald
both from chemo and just as a natural progression of life.
	I think it is wonderful that your daughter with cp runs with you?
you ever run into dirty looks though?  And what about you, yourself
giving a shot in a crowded restroom?  Until all people accept  other for
what they are we will continue to have angry people in this world!>>>>>>>>>>


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