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Re: [IP] Adhesive remover/Goo Gone

Sherri, if it works and her skin isn't irritated an hour later, its ok.  I
use a tissue wet with a little lacques thinner, which is definitely not
recommended, but it works and I don't have any goo gone :-).  Maybe I'll
get some--lacquer thinner doesn't smell that nice.

<<<<<<<<Subject: Re: [IP] Adhesive remover/Goo Gone
The other day my mother looked at Laura and said "this leftover adhesive looks
terrible." She then took out her bottle of Goo Gone ($3.oo at Walmart) and
cleaned Laura's tummy up quick and fast.  Laura loved it because she then
smelled like an orange!
Is there any reason NOT to use the Goo Gone?  I don't want to harm her but I
assumed we needed to use something more "medicalish"  ---
Just wondering...    Sherri~>>>>>>>>>


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