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Re: [IP] Ouch!! that hurt

At 12:45 PM 11/28/1998  trifona wrote:
>I just decided to try the insertion of a Silhouette set that i was able
>to procure at a pumpers' meeting to see just how easy it is.
> Boy was I wrong.
>I am anything but needle phobic, so when i heard stories of people
>having problems with these sets i just didnt really see any cause for
>concern on my part....
>How things change
>That introducer needle is huge!!  Every millimeter i pushed it in i was
>greeted with ALOT of pain, and couldnt get it beyond 1/2 way; and im not
>skinny by any means (ive got a good layer of fat on my belly that keeps
>me warm).  I hope this just a symptom of my ignorance since ive never
>used one nor been told how to insert one before.
>For other users of the Tender/Silhouette sets, Is there always pain at
>insertion?  Personally i dont even feel my regular old insulin

I've been using the Silhouettes for about 6 months and never used any
special methods to numb the site. I'm not particularly pain insensitive
either. I've found that some spots are just more sensitive than others...
often, just moving the point of insertion just a few fractions of an inch
makes a major difference. If it hurts, I pull it out and re-try. 99% of the
time, once I find a good spot I can push it in without any pain. Also, you
need to make sure that you're not pushing it in at too steep an angle. You
use a very shallow angle... you don't want to touch the muscle layer at
all... I find that using about 20-25 degree angle works well for me. 

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