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Re: [IP] minimed in the water

At 08:14 PM 11/28/1998  todd e. meurer wrote:
>I realize minimed would not recommend this, but  I recently forgot to take
>my mini med off before getting into a hot tub.  it was fully submerged in
>very hot water for approximately one or two minutes.  I, ofcourse, was in a
>panic.  I figured that I must have fried several thousand dollars.  Much to
>my surprise, the mini med takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

While dipping it in a hot tub is definitely not recommended, the MiniMed is
water resistant. We've had a number of "toilet dunking" episodes reported
here. I assume that you opened it up, once you were on dry land, just to
make sure that the insulin reservoir compartment was dry. It may not hurt
to report the incident to MiniMed, just in case they have some post-dunking
advice for you.

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