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At 05:06 PM 11/28/1998  Michael wrote:
>On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Edward wrote:
>> I tried my butt once years ago and had a black and blue the size of Texas.
>> I have never tried again, but that's just me. I have heard many people say
>> they use that area with great success.
>I think most people are not really talking about 'butt' but rather the 
>area just above the butt about even with the hip bones on the very 
>tippy-top of the buttocks. This area does not have much underlying 
>muscle, can't get sat on or whacked when putting in a wallet or something 
>like that. If you use your lower abdomen, it is at about the same level, 
>just below the belt line.

I wish that I could try that area... but I have enough residual frozen
shoulder in both arms to prevent me from reaching back that far. If I can
loosen things up a bit, I'd love to try it... I used to give shots back
there all the time.... I like to put as much time between sites as possible.

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