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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #660

> I just decided to try the insertion of a Silhouette set that i was able
> to procure at a pumpers' meeting to see just how easy it is.
> I am anything but needle phobic, so when i heard stories of people
> having problems with these sets i just didnt really see any cause for
> concern on my part....
> That introducer needle is huge!!  Every millimeter i pushed it in i was
> greeted with ALOT of pain, and couldnt get it beyond 1/2 way; and im not
> skinny by any means (ive got a good layer of fat on my belly that keeps
> me warm).  I hope this just a symptom of my ignorance since ive never
> used one nor been told how to insert one before.
> For other users of the Tender/Silhouette sets, Is there always pain at
> insertion?  Personally i dont even feel my regular old insulin
> injections.
> With that huge needle i now understand why people are concerned
> scaring...yikes!
> trifona

If you inserted the "introducer" needle only, yeah, it is Big and 
long; but when you are inserting the needle with the catheter it only 
has to go in less than 3/4". It just Looks wicked when it comes 
out. It is about a 28 gauge needle so it is like the needles of 20 
years ago. I've been putting them in for 3 months now and haven't 
really hit a bad nerve yet. Did have to reinsert after hitting a blood 
spot though, rats!  It's still difficult getting that proper angle, but 
once I start, its full speed ahead, ram it in, seal the front tape, pull 
the introducer, pull the cover off the back tape and seal it down. It's 
starting to become second hand. The MM pumpers all seem to 
prefer the Soft-Sets, but I feel the Tender/Comforts/Silhouettes are 
the better of the sets.

Best of Bgs,
George Lovelace
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/