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[IP] Burning at site

Hello pumpers,

Today I inserted a new infusion set.  A short while later, I was lifting
my arm and noticed a sharp burning pain in the area where the catheter
is inserted.  I touched my sofset button and pushed lightly and had an
excruciatingly sharp pain.  I considered changing the set right away,
but then decided to watch my BG's and see if there was an absorption
problem.  That was about 12 hours ago.  I am responding to my boluses
with adequate BG's, so it seems that the insulin is being absorbed
adequately.  I decided not to change my site because when I change, all
I see is $$$$$$, as I pay for ALL of my diabetic supplies, so try to put
that off as long as I can.  Now I notice the pain only when I press at
the site.  has anyone else had this experience?  Someone mentioned on
another post that the pain could be due to proximity to a blood vessel
or (obviously superficial) nerve.

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