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[IP] Re: exercise

    I'm with you on that one. Like you, I won't start exercising unless my BG is above 180. Regardless, I drink some juice before going. I also disconnect the pump before running, and I am only off the pump for about an hour. I couldn't find a basal rate low enough. I am at a trickle of .4/hr anyway, so I figured I may as well just take the thing off. I have unhooked for more than 2 1/2 hours at a time during extended basketball games, but kept testing and taking sugar as needed. After the first hour, I was dropping and staying at about 120. Figuring I would need some insulin soon--but didn't want to drop rapidly from the mini-dose of Humalog--I drank some Gatorade and took enough insulin to cover it. It worked.
    So I don't know of any other solution. It sounds like we have adapted the same way. It sure reduces any spontanaity of exercise, and it makes one test quite often, but that's not much problem. It does seem that Humalog is extremly sensitive to exercise. My endo is a diabetic who uses a pump, and he had similar problems exercising. He recently switched to Regular insulin in the pump to avoid passing out while jogging. Yikes. He practices at a university, and he was interested in conducting a clinical study to find out what effect exercise has on Humalog, but Lilly isn't too interested in funding that project. Go figure.
    At least I know a really quick way to drop a high BG now.
Good luck running. I look forward to hearing how other people compensate for exercise.