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Re: [IP] Propulsid and Reglan for gastroporesis

I take both medications. The Reglan works better but the side effects are pretty
bad so I take it until the side effects get to bothersome go off of it for 24hrs
then take propulside (cisapride). Propulsid is tricky because it works but you
have to watch yourself and make sure you do not take any other drug that uses the
same enzyme chain in your body, Go to propulsid web site and read the info
carefully. If you are prone to dehydration or electrolyte imbalance you can not
take it under those conditions, so it may be best for you to have both on hand.
You can take the propulsid but if your BG starts to run because infection, stress
or whatever you are more likely to become dehydrated you can wait 24 hrs and take
the regaln until you are back to normal then switch back and be safe. Propulsid
interactions or use in contraindicated situations cause serious heart problems.

I love Propulsid but I watch for potential dangers and adjust as needed, for me
anyway both these drugs are lifetime.
I hope this helps you

btw... If you choose to use both make sure you know your liver and kidney
functions to ensure clearing of one drug before you use the other

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